Virtual Meeting Tips

Have the Proper Equipment

  • To participate successfully in a virtual meeting, you need to have the proper video, audio, and internet capabilities. Your computer's built-in audio and video hardware is likely sufficient, and you may try using headphones so that you don't miss any of the meeting's content.
  • An internet signal is essential. You can test your internet connection here: Test Wifi Connection
    • A good example of adequate internet speed would be Download and Upload at 5+ Mbps (megabits per second).
  • Keep a pen and notepad handy to record the good stuff.

Don't Wait Until the Meeting Begins to Log In

  • To ensure the meeting starts promptly, log in to the platform at least five minutes before the start time. This will give you a chance to resolve any technical problems.

If you lose content during the meeting due to a technical/internet blip, try refreshing your screen to restore the meeting stream.

  • Please Note: A Chrome browser is required to run the broadcast platform.  If you need to add Chrome to your computer, please access the link below.
  • Download Chrome

Don't Multitask

  • You could miss important information or updates if you're checking email or completing other tasks during the meeting.

Q&A Sessions

  • Some of the sessions will have Q&A portions. The text line will scroll across the bottom of the screen for sessions that have Q&A sessions. During sessions that have a Q&A portion, we'll run a dedicated phone number on screen where you may text questions anonymously! Please keep in mind that numbers may differ from session to session.